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Most anyone who’s ever been a kid remembers the surprising joy of bouncing around in a bounce house. Here’s some information about how to find the perfect bounce house rental for virtually any occasion you can possibly imagine and provide the children you’re responsible for the time of their lives.

Bouncing is Always Right for the Occasion

Regardless of whether you’re planning for a birthday, graduation from high school or college, a church event, something at a school, a picnic, a general part for summer or any other event where people might love bouncing around for the summer, the bounce house and related rentals are sure to be a hit.

A Truly Enormous Selection of Bounce Houses for the Summer

bouncy house
Art Panel Themed Bouncer #B15

The number of bounce houses you can choose from is enormous. If you have little kids who love castles, not only is that available, but you can choose from several. There’s one more for girls with rainbows and unicorns, one with a sports theme, and even one that looks like a carousel.

The carousel bounce house lets young people bounce around in a circle in a structure that’s completely safe but looks just like the traditional kids’ ride.

In addition, there are the following-

  • Emoji Bouncer-This has all of the emojis kids love to use online like heart face, smiling face, whistling face, and more.
  • Gift Box
  • Pumpkin bounce house rental
  • Monster Truck bounce house
  • T-Rex Bouncer Slide
  • Zombie Town
  • Snow Globe for Humans– It’s a whole lot of fun to jump around inside of a huge snow globe that will also make for a great picture to send to friends and family.

You can call them a bouncy house, a moonwalk, jumpers, castle bouncers, or just bouncers. They all have a big area that gives people a huge kind of freedom of movement unlike anything else. Some of these houses also have basketball nets attached so you can play a huge bouncy game of basketball. Do your kids wish they could slam dunk a ball in the net but can’t? Well, they can now.

Combo Bouncers for Extreme Summer Fun

A combo bouncer means you get a bounce house along with a bonus extra on the side. This could be a house combined with a water slide, or some even have surprise pop-up inflatables for people to jump around and dodge.

Options for these combo bouncers include-

  • Star Wars Bouncer with Dry Slide-This one is brand new and highly popular given all of the current Star Wars mania. There’s even a little slide on one end where people can run around back to the front after getting off again.
  • Backyard 7 in 1 Obstacle Course-This combo bouncer has a slide, a basketball net, and a full obstacle course. It’s going to be a ton of fun for just about anyone. It needs to be used when there’s no rain though. It will be great for sunny days.
  • Circus World
  • Spiderman
  • Justice League
  • Birthday Throne-This is perfect for birthdays since the birthday boy or girl can take pictures and lord over their bouncy domain.
  • Unicorn Double Lane Bounce House Combo
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Too Many to Count-The selection goes on and on, so you’ll be certain to find something you love.

Providing  Space and Power

Bouncers in general require to be set up within 100 feet of an electrical outlet in order for everything to be inflated properly. In the event that you don’t have outlets available, you can also rent a generator to make sure you have plenty of power to keep your bounce house rental inflated.

In general, just about any theme, you can think of is likely to be available, including pirates, princesses, military, UFO, Western, and Luau themes.

Fun and Safe

It’s important to note that you pay attention to the safety instructions on the rentals including maintaining adult supervision at all times. This will also include making sure nobody moves the rental inflatable after the safety crew gets it connected securely to the ground with stakes or weights. Waterslide rentals require the use of a water hose. Don’t forget to make it so that the hose can reach the setup area.

It’s well worth it since there are few things more fun in the summertime than being able to bounce in a house and slide down a water slide.

Another key to keeping everything working smoothly is to make sure that you have time to set everything up and then take it all down afterward. If you add this into the planned run times for the event, then everything will go super smoothly without any hitches.

There’s also the option to rent it overnight if you want. The rental can then just be picked up in the morning anytime after 7 AM so you don’t have to worry about that part.

Carnival Parties

In situations where you want more of a carnival feel, you can go for the game or booth rentals.

Carnival Games

You can rent just about any carnival game you can think of including foosball, ping pong, a cow milking challenge, water gun balloon races, general inflatable games, mines for hunting gems, and way more than that besides.

There’s a full selection of carnival games, which also include:

  • Roller Ball
  • Boom BlastersWhoever can fill up the balloon and burst it first wins.
  • Giant Connect Four-Kids may have to stretch to get the rings in this huge version of the classic game.
  • Zap the Zombies
  • Wild West Shoot Out
  • Pumpkin Pitch Frame Game
  • Frog Fling
  • Kid Striker Giraffe
  • Down the Clown
  • Carnival Big Top

There are too many to list.


You can also choose from many different booths for running a carnival including an inflatable ticket booth, an escape maze, a booth for delivering food, and even a Ferris wheel.

Book Your Bounce Part Rental in Long Island NY Today

If you want to get going making sure that you have your bounce or bounce combo house all set up for your special event, you can take a look at the huge selection available today. The quicker you sign up, the quicker you can be assured that your event will have the kind of excitement and fun it deserves.